Business Phone0419499762
Opening Time7:00am - 3:00pm
Business Phone0419499762
Opening Time7:00am - 3:00pm

Bacha & Co. Auto Spa

Joseph Bacha started detailing in 1995. After years of experience and success in the industry he founded Bacha & Co to cater for car appearances with an eye for detail and an obsession for excellence. He have pursued and mastered the detailing musts, to a vehicle’s immaculate reconditioning.

With 22 years experience in paint correction, being fortunate enough to have worked alongside leading automotive spray painting specialists, he has acquired the knowledge of the paint application and paint correction process and the understanding of multiple differences in clear coat finishes in modern cars and original vintage acrylic paints, this experience separates him from your average detailing/car washing guy.

With Bacha & Co well established in the industry, Joseph also constantly invests time and money in researching and acquiring the best products and machinery to be able to perform at the highest level.
As an extension of the services offered at Bacha & Co, are some services which are sometimes crucial to achieve an overall successful refurbishment of a vehicle (i.e. wheel repair, window tinting, interior and leather refurbishment). These services are carried out by pioneers in their respective industry that share the philosophy of prefectionism instilled at Bacha & Co. 

Industry reference:

Porsche Centre Willoughby

Bacha & Co’s ongoing relationship with Porsche for over 17 years is a testament of the standards of  services offered. which echo Porsche’s criteria and their pursuit of excellence and customer service and satisfaction, their philosophy is every Porsche should be at it’s best and presented at the high standard, equaling customer satisfaction every time.

Our Mission

We believe in perfection through profession, happiness through service. We as a team can change the way your CAR look. You can rely on our team and we will make sure your car gets the best.


Our Relationship With Car Interior Plus

Our relationship with CI+  has now been for over 10 years. We continue to do business with them due to their professionalism and their continuous pursuit for excellence, it gives us great pleasure to work alongside C-I-Plus offering a complete package for our customers as a one-stop shop’ striving to handle all your car can needs.