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Business Phone0419499762
Opening Time7:00am - 3:00pm

Our Packages

Pre-Sale Details!

To ensure a quick sale, not to mention ensuring you get as close as possible to your asking price, This package is a must for anyone selling his or her vehicle. Whether you are showing your vehicle in a car show, magazine, auction or simply maintaining it’s state , you will take pride in showing off our work into your car..

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Single Stage Paint Correction!

Single stage is suited for newer cars or cars where the paintwork is already in good condition. It will remove light swirl and buffer trail marks etc. It is more a paint gloss enhancer.

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2 Stage Paint Correction!

The 2 stage is suited for slightly older cars with light to medium swirls and marring and darker coloured cars. A combination of compounds polishes and pads will be used to 1st ‘level’ the clear coat, removing the imperfections and then polish it to a brilliant, deep, mirror like appearance.

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3 Stage Paint Correction!

For those looking for perfection, The 3-stage paint correction procedure is suitable for all cars, they might have a combination of heavy swirls, marring, scratches, fading and oxidization, A combination of heavy cutting compounds plus multiple pad combinations, will be used to remove imperfections.

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Most commercial cleaners and detailers use damaging hydrofluoric acid in concentrations strong enough that the CDC even issued a warning to all car wash industry workers.


Our philosophy is simple: “make you smile each and every time you look at your car!” We only use industry tested and long standing luxury products for all our cars


Our goal is to go beyond an instant quick clean. We correct, improve and maintain your investment! Our methods have proven time and time again to increase sell price of your Investment!


We believe in perfection through profession, happiness through service.

Our restoration process focuses on restoring your vehicle to its former glory and using the proper processes and methods for your desired results.

Our philosophy is every car should be at its best and presented at the high standard, equaling your satisfaction every time.

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